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1. Template

  • Create and Use Template for campaign

    Create professional-looking campaigns (Surveys, image tagging, labeling, etc) that are unified in appearance. With a template, you’ll be able to maintain your brand, personalize your projects and save time in setting up multiple huge campaigns.

  • Clone Template

    No time? Clone your own template or existing Microworkers templates instead of creating one from scratch.

  • Edit/Update Template

    Edit own or cloned Microworkers templates and manipulate them to fit your campaign requirements.

  • Variables, Text Captcha

    Use html editor or paste html code in “source mode” of editor. Template may have static content (same for all Workers), variable content (unique per Worker), proof input fields and captcha. We use special variables which can be replaced with your unique content/values (you must upload via CSV file) when Worker opens task page.

2. Task Management and Verification

  • Text Captcha test

    Protect task page from spammers and bots using Captcha. Captcha is special tag on template which is replaced with a question and answer box on Worker's task page.

  • Predefined Answers

    Set predefined answer for questions. System will identify worker’s answer as correct or not by matching it with your pre-defined answer.

  • Required/Not-required questions

    Specify answers for test questions as Mandatory or non-mandatory fields.

3. Two Step Verification, Rating

  • Multiple Verification

    First, tasks undergo system verification according to pre-set conditions by Employer during campaign submission. Second, tasks undergo Manual Verification by Microworkers admin. Employer rates all verified tasks.

  • Multiple Rating Options

    Individual task rating and Mass task rating options available upon approving submissions.

4. Multiple, Continuous Jobs

  • DoTask again

    Assign several positions to a Worker. With DoTask again, the Worker can use up the maximum number of positions allowed while staying on the same task page.

5. Vcode Generation, Autosubmission

  • VCode generation

    System automatically generates Vcode when Worker submits task in TTV. Workers don't need to manually fill VCODE proof.

  • Auto Submission to MW

    After system automatically generates Vcode from each Worker task, it is automatically sent back to the system to undergo verification.

Other Features

These options are available to give you better control of your campaigns:

Main Platform:

Campaign Zone Retargeting
Cancel a Pending Campaign
Advanced Rating Options
Change Speed Settings
Assign Unlimited Positions to Workers (only for Hiregroup)
Vcode Live Testing
Clone and Edit Campaigns
File Upload


Cancel a Pending Campaign
Advanced Rating Options
Qualficiation Test Category - to test Workers
Creating a new Template from an existing one
Incorporating predefined answers into your campaign questions
Using Captcha for your campaigns
Flexible rating options

Control campaign using STOP, PAUSE, RESUME options.

View Tasks Report online or Download CSV report.

Admin Instructions (optional) box for special campaign conditions.

Rich text editor to add visual interest to templates.

Crowdsource your Micro Jobs

to more than 1,102,000 Workers worldwide