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Crowdsource your Micro Jobs to more than 600,000 Workers worldwide

Automated task rating

When a Worker submits VCODE to Microworkers as proof, we will Verify and/or Rate a task as Satisfied. Incorrect VCODE submissions will not be accepted.

Automated task rating

Run your campaign to countries from a campaign zone of your choice.

Include/Exclude Option

Choose only one or a few countries from the selected campaign zone or restrict some countries from your campaign.

CSV File Format Option

Assign a different task to every Worker. Unique information is displayed to each Worker, thus generating unique results. Results in CSV format are downloadable.


Obtain desired results by assigning tasks only to a group of selected/preferred Workers most qualified for your job (as to geographical location, special skills required, as to previous performance, etc). Create a different group for every specialized tasks required. Update your created groups anytime.


Restart an old campaign with one click.

No Repeated Workers

Extended/Restarted campaigns attract only New Workers since campaign is not displayed to Workers who have previously performed the task.

Add Positions

Add positions to your campaign anytime (to an active campaign or upon restarting an old campaign).

Individual and Bulk Task Rating

Tasks may be rated individually or by bulk. Expand feature display submitted tasks in a single page to allow ease of review for larger campaigns.

Stay Within Your Budget

Pay only for tasks that you approve. Employers are to rate submitted tasks in 7 days. Tasks that remain unrated after 7 days are auto-rated by the system.

User-friendly design

Pages load fast. Once loaded, elements of the page are displayed in a very simple manner directly showing the most important information.

Transaction Records

All financial transactions are displayed in details and can be sorted by month in the Transactions Page.

Success Rate

Success rate of Workers and Employers' campaigns are monitored and updated regularly.

Various Payment Methods

Process your payments and withdrawals with the different payment processors available (Skrill, Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express).